The Newlywed Game

I was looking around at some fun date ideas with our friends. We have a few couples we invite over separately. Usually we play Cards Against Humanity or other card games. (BTW you can download and print the entire Cards Against Humanity base game for free from that website, I bought mine from Amazon and I’d recommend it if you have a rather twisted sense of humor) I don’t normally have groups over because I’m a very low stress gathering person. I have a sister that can throw amazing parties and finds any reason to throw one of her galas, but that gene skipped me. In fact I don’t know where she got it because our parents never had friends over or big parties. I decided to have everyone over together because I’d found the perfect game to play.

We invited friends over to play the newlywed game to our house. There are four couples and I told all of the ladies in advanced what we would be doing so there wouldn’t be any big surprises. Everyone sort of groaned and mentioned that they definitely wouldn’t be winning the game. I felt the same way, but I thought this would be a great way to think about all of the little things we don’t talk about with our other half. I saw the fabulous idea at the Dating Divas Newlywed Game. I also got more questions for the game when I did a Google search and found this fantastic PDF. Some of these questions were really old so I went through and changed a few or crossed out some after I printed out the first 5 rounds.

Newlywed Sign

Newlywed Sign

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Crusty Bread

I saw a great post for crusty bread. I love the Artisan breads at the grocery store, but no one else at home likes it as much as I do, so I can’t justifying it when I’m not going to finish it. So I decided to try and make it at home.

The recipe is pretty simple. I had the ingredients on hand and it was going to cost me nothing to try. Read more ›

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Vacation in Reno Nevada

Toy Soliders

For our Christmas vacation for 2013 we decided to go to Reno Nevada to visit my sister. I always want to know what the family plan is for Christmas vacations early because we have to figure out the most frugal route. We decided to fly to Reno from Seattle because Alaska Airlines had a flight for a very reasonable rate if we left on the 14th and returned on Christmas eve. This would be cheaper than the price of gas driving in our midsize SUV. The first night we arrived was Santa Crawl 2013 in Reno. If you don’t know what a Santa Crawl is, you’re not alone, I had no idea. My sister had gone to Zombie Crawl in October and she gave me the skinny. A ton of bars in Reno get together and have cheap drinks available if you dress up for the occasion and buy the special cup. There is a list of rules at Reno Santa Crawl . The proceeds were given to local schools. So you can party like its for a good cause so you can go a little over board and not feel bad, its for charity! Read more ›

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